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What’s Pachinko and how big it is in Japan

Pachinko is the most popular game in Japan and it’s possible to play it at online casinos nowadays. With the Coronavirus pandemic, there is even a bigger number of players. Choosing your online casino it’s very simple and you just have to choose the best one for you. It will depend on the welcome bonus, payment methods, player support and much more. But, in the end, it’s definitely worth it since you’ll be able to play this game and to do more.

What’s Pachinko?

 This game is a mix of a pinball and also of a slot machine. You are passive player when it comes to playing Pachinko and you just control the speed with how many small balls are thrown into the machine.

These machines can be found in parlors around the country. Many of these also have slots. It’s easy to recognize a parlor since they have a very bright and colorful exterior. Inside they’re very noisy. This game it’s famous among men and women, and there are even some Pachinko professionals.

In 2019, Japanese Pachinko players went around 32 times to parlors to play this game. These players risen in this year but had been declining in the last years. These are great news for this game.

Playing Pachinko online

Nowadays, with the pandemic, the parlors are closed so, therefore, it’s impossible to go there to play Pachinko. However, you can now play through online casinos, which have this game online available and even more games as well. It’s definitely something good to do if you want to have fun.

This game is definitely a fun one to play. It should be more valued across the world and should be present at more online casinos but, unfortunately, it’s not. It’s a game for those who want just play for a few a cents, not for high-rollers, so everyone is able to play. The aspect of the pinball of this game gives the feeling of nostalgia to the players, which is something that many love.

Players can win some money through this game but, of course, there’s always the opportunity to lose some as well, which is completely normal. Playing online is the best way you can play this game, especially if this game is developed with HTML5, which means you’ll be able to play it through your phone.

Why it is so popular in Japan?

 The first Pachinko machines were built during the 20s but they were actually built as a children’s toy named “Corinth game”. It then emerged as an adult pastime around 30’s in the city of Nagoya and from there it spread. During the World War II the parlors were all closed until the late 40s. Pachinko has been highly popular until this day.

This game is very popular in Japan because it’s simple to play, it’s easy to make some money, it’s not for high-rollers and it’s very colorful. Plus, it’s a traditional Japanese game, something that the citizens really like. Unfortunately, now the parlors are closed, but it’s still possible to play this game through online casinos, something that many are already doing.

It’s very unlikely that this game will ever lose its magic. Japanese citizens really seem to love it, so it’s definitely something great. Plus, everyone can play this game since it’s very humble and there are basically no rules. If they have played pinballs then they already know what’s the point of the game.


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