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What Makes Some of the Original Slot Machines the Best

original slots

original slotsThere is no doubt about it, slots are what we all want to play when we visit our favourite online casino. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a spin of the roulette wheel, a hand of blackjack, or even taking our seat at the poker table, but it is slots that drive players wild and keep them coming back for more.

Even when just looking at slots, there are clearly some games that are far more entertaining than others, and there are some where their popularity just continues to grow. One thing that is probably recognised by those who regularly play at online casinos, is that it is the original slots that shine. Despite new slot titles being released every month, it is the classics that players return to. So, what makes the original slots the best?

Stay Focused!

When it comes to playing slots, we have nothing against the latest graphics. We enjoy a great soundtrack as much as the next player, and we’re suckers for a decent storyline just like everyone else. Of course, there has to be a ‘but’ thrown in and that but is that it sometimes get a little too much. The thrill and the excitement of playing slots is about the chances to win, and no matter how much we love a great story it is sometimes a bit of a distraction from our main aims.

The original slots weren’t quite so showy. They still looked good and they still played well, but they didn’t have to try quite so hard. Slots such as Rainbow Riches had the balance just right, and still does. The same goes for slots such as Thunder Reels, these games do exactly what they say they are going to and provide for hours of entertainment while allowing players to focus on the potential to win.

A look at Rainbow Riches

Having alluded to this as one of the classic slots, it’s worth having a quick look at Rainbow Riches, as this title encapsulates all that is great about those early titles. Released back in 2009, we have little doubt that you won’t have already played this one for yourself so we’ll keep it brief.

Where Rainbow Riches gets it right is with its simple theme, plenty of paylines, and a decent RTP. The luck of the Irish theme is something that all players can associate with and it is achieved with some pretty decent graphics that aren’t overbearing. The chance to win 500 x your stake is quite appealing too! The slot is simply a joy to play and there are no unnecessary complications.

The Slots of the Future

Does this all mean that game developers may as well retire and stop bringing us new titles? Of course not, but what it does mean is that they are likely to take influence from some of the best classic titles. Much in the way that filmmakers come up with new takes on classic oldies, game developers will continue to be inspired by titles of old. The ones that remain popular and see players returning to them in their droves. After all, game developers will only make what players are going to play.


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