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Vegas Casino Offers Workers Cash for Vaccinations

Casinos in Sin City are desperate to get to 100% occupancy levels. Now, one Vegas casino is willing to incentivize their employees with cash if they will get the Coronavirus vaccination.

The Cosmopolitan is putting their money where their mouth is and offering up to $1 million in bonus cash for their workers who receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Those bonuses will kick in once the staff reaches a 60% vaccination rate.

Once 60% of Cosmopolitan employees have been vaccinated, workers who received the shot will receive a $50 bonus. At 70% the bonus is $100, 80% nets them $250, and 90% will mean $350.

If 100% of the employees get vaccinated, then the bonus for each worker will be $500. Nevada regulators will be considering the vaccination levels among staff when considering requests to increasing the capacity limits on gaming floors.

You can read more about these Las Vegas casino incentives at Casino.org


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