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PokerStars to Retire the Full Tilt Poker Brand

There was a time when Full Tilt Poker was one of the most popular sites in the world. Players loved to play there.  Then Black Friday hit, and the “house of cards” came tumbling down.

Eventually, the software was purchased by PokerStars and all the players received refunds (thanks, fellas). Now here we are in early 2021, and the decision has been made to pull the plug on the Full Tilt brand permanently.

February 25th will be the official last day for the brand, with players being moved to the PokerStars platform. A representative from PokerStars said that the company feels “…it is time to consolidate brands so that everyone has access to the newest features and most innovative games which are available exclusively on PokerStars.”

You can find more information on Full Tilt Poker on the Poker News website.


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