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Justice Department Abandons Online Gambling Fight

In what could be the most important story for online gambling news in America, the Department of Justice has given up their fight to criminalize the activity. What that means for online casinos and online poker in the United States has huge implications.

Also, we’re looking at the status of casino openings across America, and especially in Las Vegas where many still remained closed… some of which may never open again.

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Hello friends! It’s that time again! Time for this week’s gambling headlines! We have stories out of Las Vegas about casinos that are reopening, rebranding, and still closed. But first it’s this week’s very big online gambling story!

For over a decade now, the U.S. Department of Justice has been trying to criminalize online gambling and online poker in America by using an archaic law from 1961: The Federal Wire Act. Even though the act clearly applies strictly to sports betting, the DOJ said it was their ‘opinion’ that the act also applied to online casino games and poker.

Over the years they’ve even used the Act to intimidate and threaten prosecution to any state or any company that wanted to regulate these activities. Well, all that changed in 2019 when a judge in New Hampshire found that, yes… in fact, the Federal Wire act only applies to bets placed on sporting events! Of course the DOJ appealed, only to have the appellate court uphold the decision of the lower court this past January!

So now the Justice Department has just one move left: The U.S. Supreme Court! But in a stunning announcement, the DOJ has decided that they are not going to appeal this decision! And that, my friends, means this fight is over! But with the DOJ dropping the case and the fight being “over”, what exactly does that mean?

It means, my friends, that there is nothing barring states for making cross-border gambling compacts! It means that there is nothing Federally prohibiting interstate online poker networks! It means, my people, that there is no Federal law in place to stop the spread of legal, regulated online gambling and poker in America!

With this weeks online gambling news, the threat of the Justice Department now removed, we can all join hands across this great nation of ours! Raise our voices and sing together: Ding Dong the Witch’s Dead! And hey, I haven’t sung that since my divorce was final!

There is so much going on in Las Vegas right now, starting with the LINQ and Planet Hollywood, which have returned to 24/7 operation recently! Then there’s Virgin Las Vegas who had their grand opening pushed back. Well, they’re going to throw open their doors this week! Plus the RIO, which was recently sold by Caesars is going to be rebranded by the new owners. What that name will be, they haven’t told us yet.

Also, there are over 10 casinos in and around Las Vegas that are still closed because of the pandemic. Some of them have plans to reopen soon. Some of them are biding their time to see what happens. And still others may never reopen again. You can find that story, along with current online gambling news, and the complete list of all those casinos on our website.

Also, we have a brand new slot machine review video to tell you about for Penny Pier, a 5-reel, 3-row game from our friends at Scientific Games. Based on the old penny arcades, this slot comes with entertaining animations, free spins, and a drop and slide feature. You can find this review and hundreds more when you visit our YouTube channel.


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